The world’s urban population has reached an all-time high.

Housing, both in the informal and formal sectors, fosters strength, stability and self-reliance and is often at the center of key development challenges. However, the world’s ability to meet the demand for housing in the developing world is outpaced by the rate people who are moving to cities, and subsequently slums continue to grow.

Habitat for Humanity engaged extensively in the formulation of the New Urban Agenda to ensure that housing needs are met as cities expand and slum populations rise. We applaud the New Urban Agenda for its emphasis on housing, focus on secure tenure and attention to community-led development. Yet, in many ways, our work has just begun, and we need your help. Implementing the New Urban Agenda will require hard work, political will and mutual accountability.

Donate your autograph to join Solid Ground calling on all stakeholders to advance the implementation of the New Urban Agenda – particularly national governments and the United Nations, who have a unique leadership role to play in creating frameworks to enable stakeholders.

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