This page contains conference presentations from the Partnership for Action: Improving Land Governance and Management in Africa, 15-17 August 2017. Presentations are listed in chronological order following along with the agenda.

Day 1

African Land Governance and Architecture

Presentation by Sue Mbaya: Land Policies, Frameworks and Guidelines in Africa

Presentation by Eileen Wakesho: the Land Policy Initiative and how they are leading the transformation of land policy development in Africa

Exploring the Policy Making Process

Presentation by Wolfgang Warner: Policy/Legislative Making Development Process Successes and Shortcomings

Presentation by Charl-Thom Bayer: Case Study Namibia Mass Housing Policy

Presentation by Stephen Berrisford: Reforming Urban Land and Housing Laws in Africa

Role of Data in Relation to Land Governance

Presentation by Lisette Mey: How can open source data be used to find evidence to base policies upon, and thereby highlighting the importance of publishing in Open Data format?

Policy Makes and CSOs on Approaches, Methodologies and Contributions to Policy Making (Enumeration, STDM, GEC)

Presentation by Steve Ouma: Kenya – Mukuru Special Planning Area, Pamoja Trust

Presentation by Veronica Katulushi: Zambia

Presentation by Anna Muller: Namibia – Participatory planning and policy influence

Liberia Urban Reform: Housing and Land Partnership for Transformation

Presentation by Hon. Ellen O. Pratt and Es-Samir Bropleh, Sr.

Day 2 

Continuum of Land Rights, Fit for Purpose Land Governance Approaches and Legislative Responses

Presentation by Stig Enemark: Fit for Purpose approach to Land Administration in African Countries and in support of the new 2030 Global Agenda

Presentation by Samuel Mabikke: Continuum of Land Rights

Presentation by Ase Christensen: Namibian Case: The Flexible Tenure Act in relation to the SDGs 

Incremental Tenure: Operationalising Tenure Approaches

Presentation by Mark Napier: Introduction and Timeline

Presentation by Allan Cain: Urban Tenure Approaches and Innovative approaches to land governance

World Cafe on the GLTN Tools in Action

Presentation by Steve Ouma: Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM)

Presentation by Allan Cain: Participatory and Inclusive Land Readjustment (PILaR)

Multi-Sector Response – Partnership in Action What Lessons have been Learnt

Presentation by Mark Napier: Professional Body

Rural/Urban Linkages and Customary Land Rights and Urbanisation

Presentation by Emmanuel Akrofi: Customary Land Rights in the Context of Urbanisation and Development: Case Studies from
Botswana, Namibia and Ghana

Presentation by Joseph Schechla

Networking Dinner hosted by Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST)

Dinner presentation on the Network of Excellence on Land Governance in Africa (NELGA)