Imagine Being Evicted for No Reason, Without Notice.

What if You Couldn't Own Property Because You're a Woman?

Or Perhaps You Could, but Only in a Cramped Home with a Leaky Roof and No Water?

And How Would You Recover from a Disaster if You Couldn't Return to the Land Where You Once Lived?

America Latina/Caribe

Solid Ground is Changing Land Policies and Systems.

Improving access to land means more people live in decent housing.

Improving land rights.

Secure tenure exists in many forms along a continuum ranging from formal, legal tenure to informal social tenure, and from group ownership to individual solutions. Solid Ground is improving all forms of land tenure at all levels of government.

Fighting for gender equality in land.

Ensuring secure property rights for women provides far-reaching benefits for entire communities. Solid Ground is promoting policies and systems that make equal property rights for women a reality.

Upgrading Slums.

Urban population growth is outpacing the rate at which cities can respond to the need for housing. Solid Ground is working to upgrade slums and informal settlements by securing land rights for slum dwellers and advocating for policies that improve access to basic sanitation services.

Creating disaster-resilient communities.

When a disaster strikes, the laws of the land determine the speed of its recovery. Solid Ground is strengthening land rights to form resilient and responsive communities.

Changes Are Underway As You Read This

Countries around the world are improving land policies and systems so that more people have a decent home.


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Read Updates

Yes, there are challenges and even minor risks. But we’ve got backup.

Advocating for any sort of change brings about a certain degree of risk. Access to land is a sensitive topic in some parts of the world. Ultimately, doing nothing is riskier than using our voices for change.

  • Land rights may have political implications.
  • Our approach is collaborative and inclusive.
  • Solutions are not “one size fits all.”
  • We work with individual communities to understand what works best.
  • Overall reform can take time.
  • We’ve got smart ideas for steps to take now and strategies for the long haul.