The Solid Ground campaign in Macedonia is working to improve urbanization of marginalized communities. Habitat for Humanity Macedonia is advocating for legalization of homes, access to basic services, inclusive urban planning, and respect of housing rights including women housing rights and social inclusion. To accomplish this, Habitat Macedonia will establish a national coalition to support adequate housing for excluded populations, mobilize local communities to advocate for housing and urban development, prepare studies highlighting the issue of poverty housing at the local and national levels, and more.


Working to enable a greater number of people to formally access land in the states of Nayarit and Baja California in Mexico, Habitat for Humanity Mexico is developing a proposal to improve regulatory procedures for the legal security of land tenure and housing. Habitat Mexico will provide the necessary procedural information to populations in need of secure tenure, working in coordination with responsible institutions. Additionally, they will work to engage diverse stakeholders in their work to generate additional interest and new supporters.


Building on an ongoing projected implemented in collaboration with the government, Habitat for Humanity Myanmar’s participation in the Solid Ground campaign will complement its house construction in the region of Bago by piloting an approach to improve clarity and simplify the land registration system.


In recent years, the government of Nepal has placed a greater emphasis on implementing land reforms in an effort to decrease the size of landholdings, including providing land to the landless and giving tenancy rights. However, large inequalities persist including gender-based inequalities, which have a strong history in Nepal. Habitat for Humanity Nepal brought together influential women from different sectors to form the Women Build Council. Habitat Nepal is leveraging the global Solid Ground campaign to maximize opportunities to strategically impact housing and land policy through the engagement of influential spokespersons including Habitat Nepal Youth Ambassadors, members of the Council and others to achieve lasting social impact.

New Zealand

As an active member of the NGO disaster relief forum and the Pacific Humanitarian Team, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand has responded to a number of disasters in the Pacific and will continue to work jointly on disaster risk reduction campaigns, advocating through the Solid Ground campaign for access to land as a means of disaster resilience and post disaster need. Furthermore, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand has a history of providing direct housing services in Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. Through their on-going housing work in Tonga they will engage in the Solid Ground campaign by supporting awareness of land rights for women in Tonga.


Northern Ireland

Habitat for Humanity Northern Ireland is mobilizing new and existing supporters – volunteers, students, churches, and coalitions – and political leaders to support policies and systems that improve access to land for shelter. Habitat Northern Ireland will leverage events at Parliament buildings and local government offices, global speakers, marketing resources and more to highlight each of the campaign’s four subthemes – secure tenure, gender equality, slum upgrading, and disaster resilience.


Through the Solid Ground campaign, Estrategia is working with Mujeres Unidas para un Pueblo Mejor to engage women across Peru in dialogue and negotiation with state and local authorities to increase women’s secure access to land, with a focus on improving disaster resilience, infrastructure and access to services. They will leverage their networks and the media to speak with one voice, sharing the positive impact of secure tenure for women. As Estrategia and Mujeres Unidas para un Pueblo Mejor build the capacity of women in Peru in legal matters, women will be able to raise their voice and achieve results – protecting women from forced evictions.


Since its establishment, Habitat for Humanity Philippines has engaged in advocating to secure rights to ensure that everyone has a decent place to live. Specific to land rights, Habitat Philippines works to address land conflicts and procedural roadblocks, engage citizens in city planning, and promote social housing projects. Habitat Philippines works towards its advocacy goals by promoting policy and systems that advance access to adequate housing, serving as a leading voice in showing housing as critical to ending poverty, and mobilizing volunteers as advocates for the cause. 


Habitat for Humanity Poland is publicly supporting Solid Ground, using campaign materials to promote Solid Ground on their website and through their social media channels. Additionally, Solid Ground will be featured during Habitat Poland’s summer events – Open’er and Woodstock Stop – to engage participants in simple educational tasks.


Habitat for Humanity Romania is advocating for access to land by addressing isolation of Roma populations in Romania. Their primary focus is on the Solid Ground campaign’s subtheme of slum upgrading along with disaster resilience as Romania is prone to flooding. Habitat for Humanity Romania is leveraging its networks to amplify their message and build broader support for access to land for shelter.