Quem Mora Lá - Trailer

Trailer with English sub-titles here

Quem Mora Lá, or Who Lives There, is a feature-length documentary telling the story of families who live in a community in risk of eviction. The film follows families in the small neighborhood of Pocotό who are confronted by the rapid encroachment of the wealthy neighborhood of Boa Viagem, in the city of Recife. Surprised by an eviction order, families—who have lived there for more than fifteen years—are on the verge of being homeless.

Without any solution or aid from the municipal government, the families organize themselves through the Homeless Workers’ Movement to occupy a building in downtown Recife that had been abandoned for over 20 years and owed millions in property taxes. The building was just one of over 100 abandoned buildings that Habitat for Humanity Brazil mapped in the city as part of a research project conducted through the Solid Ground campaign.

Habitat for Humanity Brazil’s goal in producing the documentary is to broaden society’s understanding and support of the need for social interest housing and the issues faced by families living without access to adequate housing. The documentary has been received positively by audiences in Recife, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro as well as received awards from several movie festivals. Habitat for Humanity Brazil plans to more broadly disseminate the film across Brazil and enroll the film in national and international film festivals.

  • How can you watch the film? If you’re a Brazilian local, you can keep up with the latest screening schedule. The film is not available to watch online yet, as it is being shared at festivals and locally. If you have interest in hosting an exhibition of the film, please access www.taturanamobi.com.br and choose Quem Mora Lá.

Released in July 2018, Habitat for Humanity Brazil created the documentary through an advocacy project supported by the Open Society Budapest Foundation and Solid Ground campaign, produced by Valete de Copas and distributed by Taturana Mobilização Social.