3 years. 48 months. 1,095 days. Or 26,280 hours, since the launch of Habitat for Humanity’s first global advocacy campaign, Solid Ground.

Today on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the three-year anniversary of the Solid Ground campaign, and the impact that access to land and housing can have for women around the world!

That’s 26,280 hours that community members, Habitat for Humanity staff, government leaders, partners and so many other stakeholders have been actively working to change policies and systems to increase access to land for shelter in 41 countries around the world.

And 1,095 days Habitat for Humanity has called on decision makers at all levels to promote land policies that provide freedom from fear of eviction, promote gender equality, improve living conditions of slums and strengthen disaster resilience.

And 48 months of knowledge sharing — from policy analysis, methodology and advocacy successes through workshops, LABS, partner collaboration and webinars — connecting the efforts happening in the local context to global priorities, such as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.

These past 3 years, through the collective effort of Habitat national organizations, 17 global campaign partners and local partners, nearly 3 million people have been impacted by policy or systems change; ultimately improving land rights for decent and safe housing.

Meet several women who have been connected to the Solid Ground campaign during the past year.

Yoanna, who lives with her family in Zambia, has written a will to protect her family’s future by keeping others from trying to claim her property. “I feel good knowing that my house will go to my family.”


Bernadette Bolo-Duthy, the national director of Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, joined over 350 participants at the annual United States legislative conference, Habitat on the Hill, which brings advocacy leaders from Habitat for Humanity offices across the United States to Washington D.C.

Carmen advocates with Habitat for Humanity Brazil for strengthened land policy implementation to protect herself, and millions like her, from eviction.



Asia and her daughter, refugees from Chechnya, explore their new, affordable rental apartment for the first time. Habitat for Humanity Poland acts as a liaison with social rental agencies to help refurbish worn down apartment units into clean, updated homes. 


And lastly, THANK YOU for your support over the past three years. As we begin the final year of the campaign, we look forward to seeing the impact of your continued efforts to increase access to land for shelter both this year and as our work continues beyond the campaign.