Through the Solid Ground campaign, Habitat for Humanity Zambia is striving to address equitable land policy implementation through solidarity initiatives, empowering community members with tools, training and supporting to seek change in their own communities. Makululu, in Kabwe city, is one of the largest slum areas in Zambia and holds a growing population of more than 60,000 people. The majority of houses in Makululu are made out of mud bricks, the area is a disaster-prone one and faces regular flooding. The majority of residents living in Makululu are not employed and face many barriers to adequate and secure housing.

In 2015, the Kabwe Municipal Council declared that these slums need to be upgraded and that renewable licenses to secure residents’ land rights should be issued. However, residents have limited knowledge of the land tenure process and do not have enough funds to pay the fees associated with the tenure application procedure. Through this video, though made by Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, learn how Habitat Zambia is implementing home improvement strategies to improve the tenure security of the Makululu residents, working towards adequate housing and disaster resiliency.