Solid Ground is a global advocacy campaign of Habitat for Humanity that aims to improve access to land for shelter through four key areas:

  • Secure tenure
  • Slum upgrading
  • Disaster resilience
  • Gender equality

The Solid Ground Advocacy Campagin of Habitat India will address access to land to build disaster resilient communities with an added focus on gender equality. Advocacy for access to land for disaster affected families in Tamil Nadu, especially for the Irula Community, is at the heart of this campaign. On 27th March, 2017, 20 members from NGOs and government bodies came together to form the District Forum for Housing and Land in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu marking the inauguration of SGAC in India. Secure tenure, strategic partnership with government for land for housing, access to finance and developing new technology were a few key points discussed during the meeting. On 16th May, 2017 a District Forum meeting was organized at the District Collector's camp office in Cuddalore to highlight the need for imprvoing the living conditions of the Irula community. Habitat India shall facilitate and execute the campaigh by:

  • Ensuring land availability and housing for disaster affected families in Cuddalore.
  • Networking, collaborating and aligning with government and like-minded agencies to draw frome each other's expertise regarding infrastructure development.
  • Mobilizing new and existing allies to motivate policymakers to implement systems that advance access to land. 
  • Linking the above activities to corporate interests whilst providing them a platform to promote their brand. 

**Orginally posted as a newsletter sent out from Habitat India. 


Since launching Habitat India has seen many successes, such as: 

  • 18 families have recieved land pattas and 22 more families are in the final stage of the government process to recieve theirs.
  • They are currently working in almost 13 blocks in the Cuddalore district. 
  • Conducted 7 meetings with the district Administration, with relevant departments for negotiations on land allotments to the Irula community. 
  • Held 6 block level meetings and 4 district forum meetings throughout the course of 2017. 
  • 5000 individuals impacted directly and indirectly through Solid Ground advocacy implementation.
  • Began integrating other services like facilitating the community to get their community certificates to enable them to access all schemes and services. 16 girls have been recieved their community certificates and one out of that 16 got a job as a teacher.  
  • Brought 40 NGOs together with the district government under the District Forum. 

Stay tuned for a film Habitat India will be releasing in 2018. We are excited to share their work!