With the aim of promoting sustainable resilience to disasters among urban communities through increased access to secure land tenure, Habitat for Humanity and partners are implementing a Disaster Risk Reduction pilot project in Portmore, Jamaica called Building Resilience and Capacities against Emerging Disaster (BRACED).

In early November, Habitat for Humanity through the Suelo Urbano platform hosted a Micro LAB, or an online webinar, 'Land Based Financing – Creating value of informal settlements’ exploring how the BRACED project is creating value in informal settlements through land-based financing and the ways this work can be applied beyond the BRACED Project. Suelo Urbano is an online, collaborative platform created through the Solid Ground campaign to connect those working for equitable land rights in communities across Latin America and the Caribbean. Through a series of Micro LABs, Suelo Urbano aims to examine regional experiences and create a way forward that would address the challenges across the region. The webinar sought to identify and explore land-based financing mechanisms used to guarantee resilience, secure tenure and to create value in informal settlements. Based on the diverse experiences of the panel participants, the webinar Micro LAB analyzed the rationale, achievements and challenges, with potential proposals to link land, financing and housing within the region.

The panel included:

  • Habitat for Humanity staff members Maria Luisa Zanelli, Advocacy Manager for LAC
  • Jennifer Messiah, National Director for Habitat Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sherece James, GIS manager and Land Tenure specialist on Project BRACED Jamaica
  • Jullion Stewart, Land Legal specialist on the Project BRACED Jamaica.
  • Teresa Herling, Ph.D in Architecture and Urbanization, and
  • Sherece James, Director of Planning Portmore Municipal Corporation Jamaica.

Learn more about the unique perspectives and proposals put forth by each panelist in the full webinar through the Suelo Urbano site here: https://comunidad.suelourbano.org/en/groups/braced-building-resilience-and-capacities-for-emerging-disaster/forum/topic/addressing-cost-accelerating-regularization/