Welcome to Solid Ground. 

Whether you are reading this from a high-rise apartment in New York City, a Soviet-era social housing complex in Bulgaria, an informal settlement in Brazil or a one-story house in rural Zambia, you have a role in this campaign. Shelter takes different forms and shapes around the world, but no matter where you live or what you live in, whether you live on the first floor or the thirty-first floor, you depend on land for shelter.

Stop and think for a moment about land. While the global population is growing, the planet isn’t; land is a finite commodity. As an increasing number of people move into cities and urban areas, land for shelter is becoming scarcer, more sought after, and more contested. 

Today, 1.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to decent housing – that’s 1 in every 5 people. The good news is that we can change that – with your help.   

Solid Ground, a global advocacy campaign of Habitat for Humanity, aims to ensure that everyone has access to land for shelter so that everyone can have a decent place to live. How? By changing the policies, laws and systems that are standing in the way. 

What do we mean when we talk about “access to land for shelter?” 

Here are just a few examples:  In Nepal, people are struggling to return to their land after the recent earthquakes – they need access to land on which to live. In the Dominican Republic, people who live in slums are being evicted – kicked out of – their homes because they can’t get legal title, even to a place they’ve occupied for years.  In Kenya, and many other countries, discriminatory practices prevent women from owning land. And in South Africa, residents of informal settlements want to improve their land and their homes, but need to first know that they can stay to enjoy the improvements. 

Solid Ground will address all of those situations by advancing the cause of  access to land in four ways: expanding security of tenure, promoting gender equality in property rights, upgrading slums, and making communities more disaster resilient. 

In other words, Solid Ground isn’t just one campaign on one issue – it’s a collection of work around the world, from Australia to Cambodia, and Brazil to Kenya, just to name a few.
You can use your voice to support policies, laws and systems that allow people to invest in their land, their livelihoods, and their communities.  Joining Solid Ground means that your voice will be heard around the world.  Together, we will create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.  

Join us.