We are all impacted by land. Whether we are aware of it or not. For some, land impacts them in the simple fact that they have a home to settle into each night providing stability and security. While others live in daily fear of eviction or that their informal housing settlement will be destroyed. No person should live in fear or lack access to a decent place to live. In Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) region, millions of families live under a constant threat of being evicted from their land and homes on which they live. The urbanization process across the region builds on an essentially unequal basis. As cities and urban populations grow, competing interest and demand for land also grows, be it for housing and food production, as well as for a variety of economic activities that depend on land.

Solid Ground and Land Portal have collaborated to develop the Urban Land Conflicts and Evictions in Latin America and the Caribbean report. This report aims to better understand the types and causes of land conflicts across the LAC region and to map and learn from the tools and experiences addressing the issues. In parallel, the idea was to connect people, organizations and existing knowledge – key resources to strengthen further collaboration for action, building on evidence and lessons learned toward changes in land policies, systems and practices. It should serve mainly to inspire future initiatives willing to build on lessons learned to replicate, expand, adapt, or improve tools, methodologies and ideas emerging across the LAC region.