In talking about Solid Ground, Jenny Williams, the chief executive of Habitat for Humanity Northern Ireland said, “We want to help people understand how many people don’t have access to the land on which they live. And the campaign is designed to mobilize people to join us in calling for more solid ground.”

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating and reflecting on the growth and impact seen through the campaign in fiscal year 2019 – July 2018 through June 2019 – by reading the Solid Ground annual report.

Over fiscal year 2019, Habitat for Humanity national organizations successfully influenced policies and systems with the potential to  improve access to land for shelter for more than 375,000 people in eight countries across the world.  

  • In Côte d’Ivoire and Zambia, Habitat for Humanity partnered with communities to develop a more accessible land registration system and increase tenure security.
  • In Honduras, through a grassroots approach engaging local community members, Habitat for Humanity Honduras advocated to municipalities to include housing and land projects in long-term plans, unlocking US$50 million in funding from municipal governments in fiscal year 2019 alone.
  • Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh worked to increase the resilience of slum communities through mapping of urban informal settlements, water and sanitation infrastructure, housing repairs, and community action planning.  
  • Habitat for Humanity Lesotho developed a qualitative report to assess, analyze and understand the status of women’s access to land in the country –providing data-driven land policy recommendations.

These advocacy efforts contributed to a total of over three million people impacted by our work since the beginning of the campaign in March 2016.

To support further work, we compiled  issue briefs on each of the campaign subthemes; disaster resilience, slum upgrading, secure tenure, and gender equality. Each brief provides key principles driving Habitat for Humanity’s policy and advocacy work related to each subtheme, discusses how the subtheme links to global commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals, and shares country examples from the Solid Ground campaign.  

Collaboratively, the Solid Ground campaign has is now being implemented by Habitat for Humanity national organizations and partners in 41 countries. Together we are working towards a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

As we look ahead to the final months of the four-year campaign, we celebrate the growth and impact we have seen together with partners, communities and families. The knowledge, experience and relationships fostered and strengthened through the campaign has uniquely prepared us to continue to grow our advocacy efforts. There is much work still to be done, and Habitat for Humanity will continue to advocate to influence land policy and advocacy efforts long after the Solid Ground campaign ends.