March 2016 marked the launch of Solid Ground, Habitat for Humanity’s first global advocacy campaign committed to grow Habitat for Humanity’s ability to engage in changing policies and systems to improve land rights and housing at local, national and global levels and thereby improve the lives of 10 million people around the world.  

In the past three years of the campaign we have seen exciting cross-regional collaboration and knowledge sharing boosting Habitat for Humanity’s overall knowledge on land rights resulting in greater impact.  The campaign has grown and is now being implemented in 41 countries. We have seen increased public support and knowledge around the importance of access to land for housing, in particular its importance for women, children and communities whose voices are not listened to and live in fear of being pushed out of their current residence. And we have seen innovative and impactful changes for communities impacting nearly 3 million people from Brazil to Cambodia and many in between.

As we begin 2019 we are committed to continue to strengthen our advocacy efforts to ensure more people have access to land for shelter.

2019 will bring many big moments for us.

In March of this year, we will celebrate our 3-year anniversary and enter the final year of the Solid Ground campaign. We are excited to carry the momentum from the first three years into this final year and beyond.

We have been engaged in and continue to monitor the ongoing negotiations toward the European Union-Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Agreement, and will continue to be a voice to ensure land and housing are included in the development priorities.

The campaign has seen greater impact with the support of our campaign partners. We will continue to deepen relationships with campaign partners. This year, we are excited to be partnering with Landesa and the World Bank on the development of a new women’s land rights campaign to increase legal protections for women to use, manage, own and inherit land.

Through our global network, we will continue to share learnings from policy analysis, methodology and advocacy successes through the campaign in workshops being planned in Africa and the Asia-Pacific to provide opportunity for our network to collaborate and connect at the regional level as well as through LABs, or webinars, in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

We see value in connecting the efforts happening in the local context to global priorities, such as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda. This July, the United Nation’s High-Level Political Forum provides an opportunity for Habitat national organizations to share innovative programs being implemented at the local level which support national governments commitments to these global frameworks.

The Solid Ground campaign has provided an avenue to build up advocacy efforts and land policy knowledge around an issue that emerged as one of the top priorities for Habitat for Humanity national organizations—access to land for shelter. Throughout the year, we will be working diligently to ensure the sustainability of our land policy and advocacy efforts, for them to continue beyond the end of the campaign.

Join us as we begin 2019 and enter into our final year of the campaign. You, too, can hit the ground running in 2019 and encourage others to do the same.