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How Solid Ground is improving access to land in Honduras

Progress Updates in Honduras: Our Journeys to Housing and Shelter

July 29, 2017

Your efforts have impact! A decade ago, the housing crisis in Honduras looked insurmountable. Although the country’s Constitution establishes housing as a human right, it’s

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You can help to ensure participatory processes in Brazil.

July 7, 2017

Since the 1980s, Brazil has been improving its institutional and legal frameworks in alignment with the international human rights framework, moving towards tackling inequalities in urban

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Opportunities for Action: Implementing the New Urban Agenda

July 3, 2017

Now that the New Urban Agenda is a reality – signed by 167 nations at the United Nations Habitat III Conference – the focus has shifted

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Disinheritance in Lesotho: A Personal Account from a Solid Ground Advocate

June 21, 2017

In commemoration of International Widows’ Day, I decided to take this opportunity to share my personal story in order to bring attention to disinheritance, which, speaking

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Moving from Ideas to Implementation TOGETHER

June 13, 2017

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sets forth 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to eradicate poverty and inequalities by 2030. Together, Women Thrive Alliance and

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